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WE CARE Program:

We offer our customers a variety of programs designed to provide quality service. Customers can contact us if they can take advantage of any of our services or if you have any questions. Customers with questions about their account, gas bill or any literature received from us can call or visit our office. It would be helpful if the customer's account number is available when contacting us.

Payment Arrangements

Payment arrangements can be made for customers having difficulty making payments. It is important that customers contact our office immediately to review their situation.

Energy Assistance Programs

The Federal Government established this program to help customers on low or fixed incomes pay their energy bills. We will assist customers to determine if they are eligible for these funds and assist in applying for the funds through the proper agency.

Revised Due Date

For customers on a fixed income with difficulty paying their bill on time because the due date is inconvenient, the due date can be adjusted.

Quarterly Billing

For customers who are 62 years of age or older, quarterly billing is offered as an alternative to monthly billing. This option is available only to New York customers with an average annual bill of $150.00 or less.

Budget Billing

Bills can be averaged throughout the year to assist customers with budgeting. The bill will be the same for 11 months. The customer's account will be reviewed periodically to determine if the budget amount should be increased or decreased.


Customers age 62 or older are not required to pay a deposit unless service was terminated for nonpayment of bills within the last six months.

Medical Emergencies

We will not terminate gas service if a resident of the building is certified by a physician to be seriously ill or have a serious medical condition. There are some restrictions to this program.

Third Party Notification

Residential customers are permitted to designate a "third party" to receive all notices relating to service termination or other credit actions provided that the third party agrees in writing to accept such notices. The third party can contact us to make payment arrangements on the customer's behalf. This program provides protection for customers who may be either away for an extended period of time or those who may need assistance in general.

Landlord Program

Landlords have the option to have service continued at their property in the event a tenant vacates without providing notice. This service may prevent water pipes from freezing during the winter. Landlords can also advise us if service work is to be done at the property at their request only. This eliminates the possibility of a tenant requesting work without authorization. Forms are available to request these services.


Our trained service department is available for gas appliance and equipment repair. We are available 24 hours a day for emergency service. We offer free safety inspections of newly installed gas piping, gas appliances and equipment. Investigations of odor complaints are also provided at no cost. IF YOU SMELL GAS, DO NOT OPERATE ANY ELECTRICAL SWITCHES, LEAVE THE BUILDING, CALL US IMMEDIATELY FROM A NEIGHBOR'S TELEPHONE.

Call Before You Dig

Anyone planning a project that requires digging on their property must call 8-1-1.. We will locate our underground pipelines at no cost. This may save customers the cost of repairs and eliminate an accident.

Gift Certificates

An energy gift certificate can be purchased for a person on your gift list. Contributions to local charity can also be made to help a family in need.

Meter Reading

Upon request, we will provide customers with post cards to note their meter reading and return to us. Customers may also provide readings by telephone if desired. Periodically, however, we are required to obtain an actual meter reading to verify the readings submitted by the customer.

Automatic Payment Plan

For your convenience, we offer automatic deduction from a checking or savings account to pay your gas bill.

Credit Card Payment

We accept VISA and Master Card with a processing fee.

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