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     GROWTH:  Valley Energy is experiencing considerable growth   

     due to the efficiency, cleanliness and reliability of natural gas and

     the rising costs of other energies.  Natural gas provides the

     energy for ¼ of all the energy needs in the U.S. and 99% of all

     gas consumed is produced in North America.  Natural gas is the

     environmental energy choice to help address several

     environmental concerns including green house gas emissions,

     smog and acid rain.


FREE: In most cases, a natural gas service is installed from the street to the customers building at no cost to the customer. Customers simply visit our office, complete an application and provide photo ID. The service must then be used within one year after the installation date. Because of the many requests for service and the need to obtain street opening permits, it is recommended that application be made as early as possible to ensure service can be provided when the customer requires service.

SERVICE: Valley Energy is offers sales and installation of heating equipment and water heaters as well as gas piping in the home. This combined with reasonable rates, our rapid response 24 a day service and other service programs makes natural gas and Valley Energy the logical choice for your energy needs.

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